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In 2006, Steve was asked to paint a large watercolour of Boys Hall, Ashford, Kent. When the painting was delivered, the proprietors, Marcus and Lloyd, were overjoyed with the result. However, on further examination of the original and the subsequent prints, they noticed something additional in the painting and frankly, quite startling.
Unbeknown to Steve, the Jacobean hall is haunted by a few ghosts. One is quite familiar to the owner, the spirit of a monk that inhabits one wing of the hall. It has been seen on many occasions.
However, the eerie consequence is that this ghost has appeared in the window of the wing where it is seen most. Steve was not aware of this while he was painting the watercolour and was only aware of shadows in the panes of glass reflecting the sunlight.
Nevertheless, the outline of the phantom is unmistakeable and cannot be explained away easily. The proprietors are selling limited edition prints of this picture with its unwelcome ghost included.


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