Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions

The Steve Everest Watercolour Artist website is owned by Steve Everest. From hereon Steve Everest Watercolour Artist and Steve Everest are regarded as one and the same, and all content, text, graphics and illustrative works are owned as such.

All licensees, copyright and trademark owners are protected by moral, copyright and trademark law according to DACS. No element of this website may be downloaded, copied, transmitted, or sources stored for use, or for any other purpose. On visiting this website you must not remove, add, edit, alter, modify, copy or amend any part of or whole of this website. No absolute liability is accepted for any possible damage to any business or computer system that may be sustained, as a result of operating or viewing the Steve Everest Watercolour Artist website.


Steve Everest retains copyright for his work unless a total buyout fee has been paid and specified in writing as a requirement of the brief. The client usage rights to the work are restricted until payment has been made.

Self Promotion

Steve Everest retains usage of the commissioned work for his personal promotion even if buyout has been purchased.


Steve Everest will not be held financially liable for any costs sustained by the client, as a result of the following points:-


If there is any accidental breach of confidentiality out of Steve Everest's control or any third party's control associated with the proposed commission. Electronic mail can not be regarded as a confidential means of communication.

Trade Mark Law

If Steve Everest's work infringes any other designs in the public domain, or in the process of development, with regard to copyright or trade mark legalities, it is the client’s responsibility to present the work to the correct bodies prior to being presented in the required legal manner for Trademark Registration.

Computer Virus Damage

If any damage to business and computer systems sustained as a result of received electronic mail attachments or if there is any loss or damage related to any Steve Everest communications or related web links.

Deadlines and Delivery

If agreed client deadlines are not met or if the commissioned work is rejected or cancelled.

Loss of Work

If there is any accidental loss or damage to any material goods entrusted to Steve Everest or any loss of commissioned work due to human or computer failure.


Clients are respectfully requested to remunerate within 14 days from date of invoice. Queries relating to any invoice should be made within 7 working days from date of invoice.