Tudeley Church with Marc Chagall
Width: 320 mm
Height: 420 mm

This is a picture of the great artist Marc Chagall taking a break from overseeing the fitting of the new stained glass windows in Tudeley church in Kent nr Tonbridge. In the sixties, the Davigdor Goldsmid family tragically lost their daughter Sara in a sailing accident. As a memorial to her they commissioned no less than Chagall , the celebrated Russin born Jewish artist to design the main window over the altar and he added all the rest over a period of time. I drove past one sunny day and imagined that he might have taken a break from proceedings and just took a seat outside for a rest. here he is in a scene that probably never happened. This painting and its sister painting of St Paul de Vence where he lived and is buried, were featured in Index magazine in 2015. I still have the original of this painting and I can supply prints.